Air Pollution and Sleep Disorder: Causes and Solutions

Air Pollution and Sleep Disorder: Causes and Solutions

06 Oct 2021

Sleep disorder is not caused by mental stress only. Poor air quality can also be a contributing factor to trigger sleep disruption. Inputs facilitating increase in sleep efficiency are detailed herewith.

Poor air quality can adversely impact an individual’s sleeping cycle. People who breathe in toxins and pollutants, often suffer from lack of sound sleep. Sleep disorder is also a major contributor to various health problems, which adversely impacts a person’s productivity and efficiency.

Proper sleep is the best medicine for our body and brain. It facilitates the recharging of one’s body and brain to stay refreshed to manage the requirements of the day.  

What Causes Sleep Disorder?

There are various types of sleeping disorders viz. insomnia, narcolepsy, parasomnia, hypersomnia, sleep apnea, sleepwalking, and sleep talking. In insomnia, difficulty in falling asleep is experienced by the people. Whereas in sleep apnea, a person’s breathing gets interrupted during the sleeping hour. Hypersomnia on the other hand is the sleep disorder where individuals feel exhausted even after a sleep of 8-10 hours.

Narcolepsy stands for irregular sleep-wake cycles and parasomnia translates into abnormal behavior during sleep. Though the causes of these sleeping disorders could vary, the role of air pollution cannot be denied and is seen in many of the emerging cases of sleeping disorders, especially in the urban areas.

The particulate matter present in the air we breathe, may lead to lung disorder, which in turn can contribute to the incident of heart attack while one is asleep.

A recent study, conducted by scientists - “The Association of Ambient Air Pollution with Sleep Apnea: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis”, establishes a link between incidents of obstructive sleep apnea and increase in the particulate matters 2.5 and NO2 in the air. Martha Billings, Associate Professor at Washington University said that “air quality has a detrimental impact on one’s sleep, as it may congest airway and lead to irritation and swelling”. The incidents of sleeping apnea have increased by 60% for every 5 micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m 3) increase in one’s yearly PM5 exposure.

Air Purification System: An Easy Solution to the Sleeping Disorder

To address the issue of increase in the emerging cases of sleeping disorders related to increasing air pollution, is to breathe in pollution-purified air. Air pollutants can be deactivated by using machines specifically designed for cleansing the air, i.e., HEPA-based air purification system for indoor use (not an ordinary home air purifier) along with air ionization unit.

” Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective tomorrow.” – Tom Roth

Great results can be achieved with PetriMed CA™ Air Purification System designed with technology that is even superior to medical and aviation-grade air filtration requirements, offering unbelievable level of air filtration (99.999%).  

If the available options of air purification equipment are compared in terms of their efficiency and technical specifications, PetriMed CA™ Air Purification System would be an ideal choice. It is designed and developed using the latest filtration technologies like washable pre-filter coated with nano silver, H-14 ISO 50U HEPA filter, carbon filter zeolite, UV-C, and air ionizer.   

Common Health Issues and Sleep Disorder

Several health problems may also be a cause for sleep disorders. Air purification systems have been seen to address many of these common health problems.

Allergies and Sleep

A science journal, published in Science Direct with the title “Clinical effects of purified air administered to the breathing zone in allergic asthma: A double-blind randomized cross-over trial” shows that patients with allergies are unable to sleep soundly in homes with poor air quality.

The journal is based on a study conducted on the people who were allergic to dust and pollens. It also revealed that the people experienced a significant improvement in their sleep pattern when the indoor air was treated using an advanced air filtration system.

Cardiac problem and sleep disorder

A study, published in The National Center for Biotechnology Information titled “Sleep and Cardiovascular Disease: An Overview,” shows that a person with congestive cardiac problems may experience sleep issues. And when a person’s sleep cycle is interrupted, it can lead to serious health problems like hypertension and myocardial infraction (heart attack).  

A next-gen air purification system can be an effective solution to address the problem of sleep disorder. Instead of rushing for an ordinary air purifier for home (which would be of limited use), one should bring home PetriMed CA™ that would offer a much better filtration efficiency (99.999%) in comparison to the regular air purifiers available in the market.

The advantages of a state-of-the-art air purification system for indoor facilities extend to all aspects of our life—from providing pure air and reducing the ill effects of respiratory diseases and allergies, to improving quality of sleep.       



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