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Are Indoor Air Pollutants Worse Than the Outside Contaminants?

16 Dec 2021

We are quite vulnerable to the health hazards caused by poor air quality. Whether we drive vehicles, participate in leisure activities, or stay at home, we are always exposed to airborne pollutants and microbes. Some risks cannot be avoided as we are compelled to take until any eco-friendly solution comes into place. Some we choose to do as we want to lead our lives the way we enjoy, and some risks can easily be mitigated if we make informed choices. Poor indoor air quality is a problem we can do something about, to avoid it easily. 

During the last few years, several pieces of scientific evidence have indicated that the indoor air is more contaminated than the air outside. Another research shows that people are spending most of their time at home these days. Therefore, for many people, the risk of health problems is a result of poor indoor air quality.

How Indoor Air Gets Contaminated

As stated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air is approximately six times more contaminated than the air outside because the accumulation of air pollutants in a closed environment is more aggressive than that in an open environment. The common sources of indoor air pollution include combustion of things like wood, kerosene, household cleaning products, air fresheners, damp carpet, furniture and others. 

Inadequate ventilation can also be a primary cause of poor air quality in any home. It can increase the concentration levels by not allowing the outdoor air to dilute the release of indoor air pollutants. Inadequate ventilation may also increase the level of humidity, resulting in molds and bacteria buildups.  

We don’t tend to remove some of the common sources like furnishings and household products like perfumes and air fresheners that release harmful toxins whenever we use them. Other sources like cleaning products, pesticides, faulty stoves, smoking and others emit harmful toxins irregularly.


How to Decrease the Level of Indoor Air Pollutants

Addressing indoor air pollution has never been a challenging task—you can mitigate a number of sources by making some basic changes. First of all, ventilate your home frequently. During the pollen season, always keep your windows closed to restrict the excessive level of pollutants from outside.

Another actionable procedure is to control the common sources of toxins in your house. If your home is spacious, let new products in an open area or in a room, where you don’t enter frequently. Make sure that the corners in your house are not a home to dust and humidity as they provide a suitable environment for mites and other harmful microbes to grow.

Our solution

On the whole, our houses provide a complete protection against harmful pollutants and toxins emitted from factories and vehicles, but the contaminants found in our homes can be as much hazardous a those found outside.

Together with reducing the sources in homes, a sustainable and valuable solution for indoor air pollutants is to invest in a purification system. PetriMed CA Air Purification System is a revolutionary solution that comes fitted with three technologies—filtration, ionization, and UVC disinfection. Unlike other home air purifiers in Delhi & NCR, this is a complete fully-loaded system to destroy 99.999% of allergens, airborne chemicals, pollutants, and microbes. 

If you look forward to investing in a long-term solution, you can bet on PetriMed CA Air Purification System, instead of choosing any ordinary air purifier for home. 


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