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Choosing an Air Purification System Over an Ordinary Air Purifier is Worthwhile Investment

23 Dec 2021

Most people spend more than 15 hours of their time inside their homes, not knowing that the concentration of air pollutants may be above the dangerous level. The US Environmental Protection Agency says that the concentration of air pollutants can be a hundred times more intense than the level of harmful particles and microbes available in the air outdoor.

Breathing polluted air can lead to many health problems in the long run. In case of longtime exposure to harmful particles, people start experiencing headache, lung irritation and fatigue along with some persisting respiratory problems like asthma, allergies and transmittable ailments.

Scientific studies conclude that the factors polluting indoor air quality may include microbes, gaseous agents, temperature, ventilation, air movement, and others. The increasing use of cleaning products and other chemical materials in households has augmented the concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in an indoor environment. This is the major factor causing allergic reactions.

Getting an air purifier for home is one of the effective solutions to the risk of air pollutants, providing clean and healthy air to families in a closed environment. But picking up an ordinary home air purifier in Delhi & NCR can no longer be a worthwhile investment, keeping in mind the perilous level of harmful pollutants available inside the home.  

Let's talk about how investing in an advanced air purification system can be effective at improving indoor air quality.


Air Purification System Vs an Ordinary Air Purifier

Filtration is a perfect way to nourish the indoor air. A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry concluded that a slight reduction in the concentration of indoor air pollutants may make significant changes in indoor air quality.

But is every air purifier as efficient as required to nourish indoor air? The answer is no. Selecting the one randomly may not be technically effective to arrest the small particles. This is the main reason why an air purification system with advanced HEPA filters is more competent to destroy harmful particles for combating poor indoor air quality.  

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A Fully-Loaded Air Purification System

If we look for a complete purification system to nourish the indoor air quality, PetriMed CA Air Purification System seems to be highly suitable with the advanced 8-stage filtration process, backed by HEPA H14.   

Unlike an ordinary air purifier, PetriMed CA air purification system is a 3-storey solution that includes medical-grade air filtration (to arrest particulate matter PM2.5), UV-C disinfector (to destroy microbes), and air ionizer (to nourish ambient air). And it can suck 99.999% of airborne impurities and microbes round the clock.   

Need of the Hour

Multiple air purifiers are put up for sale, but you need to check out some important points such as filtration technology, Air Change per Hour (ACH), activated carbon filter to kill odour, AQI sensor, and other important factors.

If you are experiencing any respiratory health problems like asthma and allergies, talk to your doctor and ask for a solution how you can address the poor indoor air quality.


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