Air Purification System, Feeling Tired All the Time? Poor Air Quality Could Be a Culprit

Feeling Tired All the Time? Poor Air Quality Could Be a Culprit

24 May 2022

Air Pollution is one of the most serious health and environmental threats globally. Increased level of indoor pollutants may lead to many health problems—feeling tired is one of them.

Oxygen is a crucial source of fuel for the human body. It does important functions like fueling cells in our body, supporting metabolism, and other essential things that is needed for survival. Because of many sources, the air inside our home contains harmful pollutants like PM2.5, carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), dander, dust, pollens, and others. Breathing in these harmful contaminants may increase the risk of feeling drowsy or sleepy.

Amongst the air pollutants that trigger the symptoms of fatigue are secondhand smoke, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and household products that contain harmful chemicals and toxins.

Over the period, the increasing concentration of harmful pollutants can definitely make it challenging for people to fall asleep. But things are not as difficult to address as we have read in this blog. Using a HEPA air purification system in India can be an effective solution to reduce the exposure to harmful pollutants.


How Indoor Air Gets Polluted?

There are several sources that add toxins and ultrafine particles to indoor air. Many factors contribute to the buildup of contamination, from the most essential cleaning products to volatile organic compounds to our preferences for keeping doors and windows open.

Fine particles are usually released by candles, dust accumulated on surfaces, and other common sources. Gaseous pollutants are released by several common sources like new furniture, new paints used on the walls, volatile organic compounds, and others.

Outdoor-indoor allergens are another key contributor that come inside home and can lead to some serious respiratory problems. It occurs naturally outdoors and gets accumulated indoors through several sources like pets, mice, and dust mites.

These are some of the most common things that can pollute the air inside. As for the scientific evidence, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concludes in its study that the indoor air quality may be 4-5 times worse than outdoor air quality for the contributing factors mentioned above.

Ways of Reducing the Concentration of Indoor Pollutions:

It’s necessary to think about the solutions to maintain the air quality in a closed space. To avoid the health issues associated with poor air quality, we need to bring in an air purification system that can capture all types of pollutants easily. Other than this, ventilating your home regularly is also a great idea. During the spring seasons when pollens are all around in the air, it is necessary to keep all the windows closed.

An easy method of maintaining healthy indoor air is to control or address the sources of harmful pollutants in your home. Let the new pieces of furniture off-gas outside for a few days. You also need to ensure that the dust and mold spores don’t get accumulated in the corners and cracks. Because a home with dirt and moist is a breeding ground for mold and contaminants.


Our solution

Above all, our home provides us the utmost protection against outdoor pollutants, but it doesn’t mean that we are safe from other health hazards like indoor pollutants. There are several pollutants in our homes that can be more dangerous than those just on the other side of the window.

Along with following the practices to reduce your exposure to harmful pollutants, there is another long-term solution for poor indoor air quality. PetriMed CA APS-400 (air purification system) is a unique air solution that is efficient to destroy or capture 99.999% of airborne pollutants, allergens, molds, pollens, and others. It is engineered to provide clean and nourished air to your home.



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