Air Purifier for Newborn Baby

Fully-Loaded Air Purification System: A Smart Choice to Bring in Your Baby's Nursery

05 Mar 2022

Fully-Loaded Air Purification System: A Smart Choice to Bring in Your Baby's Nursery

A baby comes into this world from a safe womb, as far as the mother takes care of herself during the pregnancy, and starts fighting with health risks at every moment. We as parents try our best to provide essential nutrients through organic and wholesome meals. We take care of their soft and delicate skin by using only non-toxic skincare products. What every parent doesn’t think about seriously is the importance of healthy indoor air that a newborn baby breathes in every moment.     

We might be well informed of outdoor pollutants like car exhaust, dust, smoke and other. But most of us are not as much cautious about the harmful indoor pollutants as we should be. The indoor air quality deteriorates due to the accumulated fumes or chemicals, dust particles, pollens, and other types of pollutants in unventilated environments.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), exposure to indoor air pollutants can cause some chronic health problems, ranging from asthma to a deadlier cancer. Common pollutants inside a room are radon, environmental tobacco smoke, lead, pollens, and other contaminants.

There are many precautionary measures we can adopt to ensure healthy air in the nursery—using an air purification system for newborn babies is one of the measures for improving the indoor air quality.

Why Should Parents Think about Using an Air Purification System for Babies?

The negative impact of indoor air pollutants has been established in several scientific studies. It is harmful for the people with compromised immune system and newborn babies. It raises the concern for infants because the impact of indoor air pollution may interfere with their mental growth. Several scientific studies have concluded that the ultrafine particles in the air can severely inhibit mental growth.

Good air quality may be important even before birth, as contaminated air was found to be connected to difficulties during pregnancy, premature births and a higher rate of birth defects.

You can take control of several aspects of the indoor environment in your baby’s room, but the existence of ultrafine particles and other impurities like tobacco smoke, formaldehyde gases etc. in the air is uncontrollable until you use an advanced air purification system. That is why an air purification system (and not an ordinary air purifier!!!) is such an important equipment, because it can help remove the pollutants that you cannot control.

What Types of Air Purification Systems should Parents Choose for Baby’s Room?

While choosing the best air purification system for infants, you should make sure it is not only mechanically advanced but also noiseless to help babies sleep without any interruption. A machine with white noise can be a better option than an air purifier with a high decibel range.

Other than this, filtration technology is another key factor that you should never ignore. An air purification system with HEPA and activated carbon filter can capture an array of harmful pollutants, ranging from PM2.5 to gaseous toxins like tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, and others.      

Carbon filters are used in the room air purifiers to remove unpleasant odors and toxins, emitted by gas stoves, wall paints, new furniture, cleaning products, etc. Today, we have some good options like PetriMed CA APS 400, which parents can reliably operate in their baby’s room.

If we compare PetriMed CA APS 400 with other similar equipment, it shows amazing filtration efficiency by trapping 99.999% of all types of harmful pollutants and microbes. Unlike other machines, it works on a 3-stage mechanism like air filtration, UV-C disinfection, and ionization. With such a medical-grade air filtration efficacy, it emerges as a perfect option for your baby’s nursery where a caring parent would never compromise on purity, hygiene and prevention of air-borne diseases.


Some Additional Effective Tips to Keep Indoor Air Clean in Your Baby’s Room

·        Don’t Smoke in Home

·        Avoid Using Chemical Cleaning Products — You Should Use a Damp Cloth or Vacuum Cleaner

·        Avoid Using New Pieces of Furniture and Carpet in Your Baby’s Room

·        Don’t Let Mold Mites Develop Inside Your Baby’s Room

Bringing in a fully-loaded air purification system like PetriMed CA APS 400 can be a brilliant idea to make sure your newborn baby breathes in nourished air. Every child is entitled to breathe in fresh and healthy air—you should do everything to protect your child from the harmful impact of air pollution. 


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