How an Air Purification System keeps the Home Gym Healthy?

How an Air Purification System keeps the Home Gym Healthy?

08 Oct 2021

Home gyms are prone to indoor air pollution due to presence of various common household pollutants. This can lead to serious respiratory diseases if not contained. Here’s how maintaining good indoor air quality is not a big challenge.    

A study, published in Science Direct, finds that the extreme concentration of carbon dioxide, particulate matter, chemicals, and gases is usually a common source of pollutants in the air in a home gym.

When a person does an intensive workout at home, his heart rate goes up and he starts breathing in more air to meet the enhanced requirement of oxygen for the lungs and the muscles. Consequently, airborne pollutants present in the indoor air, enter the respiratory system and get sucked up deep in the respiratory tract.

“The health effects of air pollution imperil human lives. This fact is well-documented.” – Eddie Bernice Johnson        

The study doesn’t discourage any fitness enthusiast, rather it lets them become aware that pollutants in the air of home gyms can have a big negative impact on their health.

Solutions are just around the corner—new-age air purification systems for home gyms are designed to neutralize the effectiveness of harmful pollutants in any closed facility. However, instead of buying an ordinary air purifier for home gyms, it is recommended to go in for a complete air purification system, equipped with H14 HEPA filter and other advanced air filtration technologies.

PetriMed CA™ Air Purification System would be an ideal choice to capture particles and pollutants with upto 99.999% filtration efficiency. This is achieved through the high-grade filters and equipment which are at par or even better than medical and aviation-grade requirements.          

Impact of Physical exercise on the indoor air quality:

Work out in a closed environment can worsen the air quality fast. While doing an intensive workout, an individual releases copious amount of carbon dioxide, heat, sweat, even makes the surface dirty, to identify a few! It is proven that the air quality gets worsened significantly during a workout session.

Any physical activity or exercise, which requires the contact between various body parts, leaves a number of dead skin cells on the surface. And they are one of the primary sources for creating a polluted environment.  

Heat and moisture create an ideal condition for nurturing of several pollutants and pollens. Therefore, having an air purification system in place can help households maintain a safe indoor air quality in at-home gyms.

Easy Solutions to Combat Air Pollution in At-Home Gym:

As a solution to the indoor air pollution problem, one could hardly disagree with the benefits of an air purification system. However, one needs to keep in mind the level of filtration efficiency required to trap cooking fumes and odors, pet dander, dust, allergens, and chemicals. Selection of appropriate Air Purification System is the key to availing the benefits and minimizing the harmful impact.

When compared with an array of home air purifiers, PetriMed CA™ has been found to be more efficient with an 8-stage filtration technology. It uses HEPA 14 ISO U50, washable pre-filter with nano silver antibacterial layer, activated carbon with zeolite, NEW UV-C, nano molecular sieve, and ionizer.

Another effective way to reduce the level of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases is to place indoor plants that can naturally remove CO2 from air and replace it with fresh oxygen.

An oxygenated environment in a gym helps the people get the most benefits from their physical exercise regimen. Therefore, nothing should be left unnoticed when you need to ensure healthy and comfortable air quality—whether it requires you to have an air purification system or it needs to have indoor plants.     

Maintaining healthy air quality in the gym creates an environment conducive for the workout. Don’t let the hidden air pollutants lead to adverse impacts while performing workouts in your home gym. Get the best air purification system and environment to keep the harmful pollutants at bay.     


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