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How Important Have Gadgets Become in Our Lives?

28 Dec 2022

Gadgets are the whole ecosystem and in the developing world, this part couldnot be missed. Leading our life without the use of gadgets is next to impossible these days. We humans cannot work to our optimum best from morning to bedtime without a smartphone, music player, flat-screen LED’s, air conditioners, cooking range, air purifiers and cleaning devices. In the modern-day setting, everything happens at the click of a button, helping us to do our work promptly. This is the power of gadgets, a blessing or a necessary evil for humans.

A gadget has a particular function, but some see it as a novelty. Living a life without devices gives one a feeling of an isolated and inaccessible world. It proves that technology is indispensable and is the second arm of humans. Let us see the phenomenal role of gadgets in everyday functions and particular tasks.

We may have our hands full of work and home duties. Taking a break is the need of the hour. At-home entertainment is getting seamless with intelligent devices like iPods, DVDs, and video wall displays. Streaming channels and premium video-on-demand (PVOD) are becoming a necessity in most urban homes.

Smart gadgets like wireless lamps, 100 ft extension cord and pre-set mood lighting are transforming our living ambiance. We can get creative with lighting devices, colours, and automated solutions at the workplace and parties with the help of technology tools.

Increase Efficiency.

Before the discovery of the telephone, facsimile, and internet, delivering personal and official messages took several mandays. This bothered the productivity and efficiency and made the whole thing seem uncertain and indecisive.

With the help of internet technology and modern software, technical gadgets and instruments are increasing human productivity and making the world a better place in reach and connectivity.

Helps us in Multi-tasking.

It is the age of wearing multiple hats to prove one’s contrasting capabilities. Multi-utilitarian gadgets do something similar, they go beyond playing one utilitarian role, hence prove helpful in numerous applications.

Enhances Happiness and Sharing.

Nobody likes to stay detached from ones’ family and friends. Smartphones, tablets, noise- free headphones, Wi-Fi devices connect our social network seamlessly. We can share a song, video or an important document with our circle of friends and colleagues in a blink of an eye anytime, any day.

Video calling devices and webcams reduce the connectivity gap between employers and employees and remove hurdles in decision-making, particularly in the post-pandemic era. Digital communication is the new norm in information sharing and caring.

Can we imagine being involved in some process or action without important devices? In this uncertainty, gadgets help us to solve different tasks faster and better. Isn't it faster and more comfortable when we can use our phone to switch on a heating system in our house while we are driving back tired from a difficult working day? It is more convenient for us to check whether we left our iron on or off, without feeling this disturbing paranoia.

It no more depends on what type of a gadget we are using, the aim is to:

a. save our time;

b. be confident in our actions and;

c. reduce our expenses.

To crown it all, gadgets are like ninjas, because of the habit we are not even noticing them, but they are with us and they help us at all times, even under cover of night.

As our technology is getting advanced and many human activities are being left redundant, we are comparatively getting slower and becoming lethargic. However, if we scrutinize, this has very little to do with the gadgets per se. No doubt that gadgets have revolutionized the whole lifestyle of mankind including our behaviour and to some extent our character.

They are omnipresent and they come with their share of negativity too.

Let’s analyse the use of gadgets with respect to their drawbacks, below:

The Cons

1. We can’t do on-line transactions for purchase/sale while sitting at the comfort of our


2. We can’t capture moments in the form of digitized photos and videos for posterity.

3. We can’t interact live with “penfriends” whom we haven't met physically.

4. Having all types of information on our finger tips at all times is almost impossible.

5. “Seeing is believing” would never have been possible without gadgets, although we are

sometimes forced to see what we won’t like to see otherwise.

The Pros

1. Kids get involved in physical activities and play with their friends; for a healthy mind and


2. Adults spend quality time with their families and friends. Socialising on a daily basis

instead of occasions to know each other. Putting a face to an individual is a far better

way than speaking with a faceless person.

3. No physical strain and other physiological issues due to long usage of the gadgets.

4. No financial loss due to phishing and spamming etc.

5. Plenty of time to do useful productive things rather than wasting time on useless

conversations or forwarding of unrelated messages/calls or viewing orchestrated news

and publicity etc.


Gadgets simplify our life and save precious time and money. They are accommodating if used judiciously and properly. Excessive use of devices can increase our dependency on them. The key is to be always in control of oneself when using these gadgets.

We should fix a gadget-free day in a week in order to unplug ourselves from these digital devices. We should take up morning walks, do yoga or meditation, pursue playful hobbies, and read or relax to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves and avoid becoming a couch potato.

However, most of the times we are so obsessed with our gadgets due to our new re- structured way of life, especially after the pandemic or due our work regimen and nature of work, that we end up staying put in the same place for hours together. As a result of being in the same environment for a long time on a daily basis creates a very unhealthy ambient air around us that needs a technical approach for us to breathe safely, being at home or other indoor areas. PetriMedCA™ has just the right techno-medical solution for such a continual precarious state.

1.8 step, 3 storey Air treatment system, not an ordinary air purifier.

2.Ultra-fine filtration (upto 0.1 micron) and Medical Grade Plus HEPA filter (H14 ISO 50 U) ensures ultra-fine filtration up to 99.999% efficiency, ensures complete contamination free air.

3.UVC disinfection: To kill fastidious microbes – viruses and bacteria.

4.Air Ionization: Air nourishment along with purification for additional health benefits.


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