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How the Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives in the Past Two Years

28 Feb 2022

· We realized the importance of healthy lifestyle

· COVID made us know the importance of fresh and healthy indoor air quality

· We learnt how to keep ourselves ready to cope with any imminent health issues


It was around two years ago when the pandemic took control of our lives. Since health workers were working relentlessly round the clock, rest of the world were restricted to their homes. The increasing number of patients worldwide doesn’t echo the entire story, but the points discussed here depict the state of the lives.    


The pandemic is still here and it is changing our lives in many more ways than was predicted. In the past two years, almost all surveys have revealed that the pandemic has had a profound impact on our lives. It has changed how we take our health concerns and try to address the challenge. 

In a Pew Research, majority of Americans described their experiences and told how the pandemic has affected their ability to conduct their daily activities, specifically their approach to health concerns.

Both the negative and positive effects highlighted by the respondents cover many parts of human lives. On the whole, the outcome of this survey summarizes that most of the people have come to learn how to prepare themselves to cope with any imminent health problems.

Mental health challenges

Predictably, the pandemic has caused many people to experience mental health problems. Whether it’s following physical distance, staying home to avoid the transmission, or simply a general mental stress caused by COVID-19, people from across the globe have been experiencing it for the last two years.

It seems to be affecting younger people. More than half of the surveyed people described that they started feeling mental health problems since the inception of the pandemic. About 30% of the respondents, ranging from 18 to 34 years old, were found to have experiencing nervousness and uneasiness during the pandemic period. While, on the other hand, around 25% of total respondents were enduring depression all throughout the pandemic.      

Staying Strong During the Pandemic

But there is good news—many people have adopted healthy lifestyle and they are utilizing their time to develop healthier habits in several areas. In the survey, nearly 60% of the partakers reported that they had made some important changes in their lifestyle. Some of them include:

· Outdoor activities to improve physical sturdiness

· Improved sleep cycle

· Healthy diets

· Improving indoor air quality

Health Awareness

There is more to doing physical activities and adopting healthy eating habits. Most of the respondents reported that the COVID-19 has made them pay attention to some specific health risks caused by poor air quality.

Today, the importance of an air purifier for homes and offices cannot be ignored in any way. Airborne transmission happens through the aerosol droplets breathed out by the people with infection. And this is believed that the aerosol droplets are the primary carrier to spread the infection.

By assuming that the respirational droplets are mixed up in the indoor environment, we need to adopt a sustainable solution to reduce the airborne transmission. A fully-loaded air purification system like PetriMed CA APS-400 can be a perfect solution to mitigate the transmission risk in a closed environment. It also seems to be a right selection in the time of pandemic because the system is mechanically efficient to trap 99.999% of ultrafine particles and microbes.

Positive Approach Towards Life

Staying positive is the only way to lead a healthy and happy life these days. Despite the ups and downs throughout the pandemic, most of the participants reported that they learnt how to look at the positive things. More than 75% of the respondents said that they got to understand the importance of their relationship when spending their time in isolation was difficult. Some people said that the pandemic has made them reassess how they spend their time to attain their objectives.


The pandemic turns out to be an opportunity for us to reevaluate our lifestyle. Right from healthy eating habits to exercising and indoor air quality, COVID changed everything. And it is upon us how we adapt and how early we adapt.


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