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Pressing Signs to Buy an Air Purification System for Indoor Air Quality

30 Nov 2021

Smog, misty skies, dust, and exhausts are the visible indicator that the air quality is below the recommended levels. It doesn’t mean that the air inside your home is healthy if you live in a lush green area and the outdoor environment seems clean.  

Living in a green belt area or on a street with green trees on either side may make the people believe that they are not affected by harmful pollutants—sadly, they are probably wrong. The World Health Organization reports that almost everyone in the world is inhaling toxic air. In the last few years, several pieces of scientific evidence have concluded that the air inside a home can have a higher level of concentration than the air outside.

Restless Night or Lack of Proper Sleep

Poor air quality may have wide-ranging impacts on human health, including the quality of sleep. A study concludes that a person living with a high concentration of indoor air pollution may experience restless sleep at night. Allergens and VOCs are the most disruptive contaminants that can potentially harm your sleep cycle.

Chemicals emitted from common household products like room freshers, deodorants, floor cleaners, and other scented products are the key source of indoor air pollution. Exposure to these hazardous chemicals may lead to a sleep disorder. 

Allergies or Asthmatic Problems

Though allergies or asthmatic problems can be experienced anytime, anywhere, however if someone feels the symptoms more aggressive when he/she is at home, there is a possibility that the indoor air is contaminated. The mixture of mold, smoke, and dust can worsen the symptoms. 

Pollen counts may rise as the level of carbon dioxide and temperature rises. It is directly linked to respiratory problems. Therefore, a person should think about a deterrent measure if his/her asthmatic problem is becoming worse over time.

Dust is another contaminating source that can be found in almost every home. Generally, it is a mix of many contaminants such as hair, dead skin cells, molds, soil particles, and others. 



Unpleasant Odors That Don’t Go Away

Persistent odors inside a home show that the time has come to improve indoor air quality. Most of the unpleasant odors are sourced from VOCs that can have an adverse impact. It may trigger anxiety and increase the stress level if it keeps occurring.

Persistent Cold Symptoms

Cold symptoms like sneezing, nausea, coughing, throat irritation, and dizziness are generally triggered by outdoor environmental factors. But if you feel that the symptoms are more aggressive while at home, poor air quality might be what is causing the symptoms. This is a clear indication that the air needs to be treated using a complete air treatment system like PetriMed CA Air Purification System that is clinically tested to arrest and kill 99.999% of indoor air pollutants.

Persistent Humidity Inside Your Home

Although the presence of a high level of humidity in a closed environment may not be visible to the eyes, it is one of the most harmful factors that may worsen indoor air quality. It adds to the concentration of harmful and toxic chemicals that lead to respiratory problems and infections. On the other side, the low level of humidity may also be a reason for airborne germs that leaves people exposed to respiratory problems.

How to Remedy the Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is directly linked to the concentration of contaminants and humidity levels present in a closed environment. An advanced air purification system might be an effective solution to get rid of all the impure agents that can make the IAQ not as healthy as required.

After identifying the source of air pollutants that is worsening IAQ, it is time to figure out which device is efficient to improve the air quality. As mentioned above, PetriMed CA Air Purification System seems to have higher air filtration efficiency than the ordinary air purifiers for home available in the market. 


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