Air Purifier for Pregnant women in India

Top Reasons Why Clean Air is Important for Pregnant Women

10 Dec 2021

One of the most unnoticed things when it comes to getting ready for a newborn baby is the indoor air quality. Clean and healthy air is something everyone needs for a healthy life. Several scientific studies focus on how harmful pollutants can trigger the symptoms of heart diseases, lung infections, asthma, and other chronic diseases.

Pregnant women are even more susceptible to serious health risks if they are continuously exposed to a high concentration of air pollutants like pollens, molds, dust, carbon dioxide, fine particulate matter (PM2.5), and others. This is where the importance of an air purification system comes in. A high-end machine featuring True HEPA H14 filters along with other advanced technologies can create a healthy and clean indoor environment.  

Below are the top reasons why indoor air quality matters to pregnant women:

Low Birth Weight

Air pollutants may cause low birth weight at the time of delivery—this is when babies weigh not more than 5lbs 8oz at birth. According to the experts, it leads to some serious health problems in babies such as impaired mental growth, poor health condition and in some cases, childhood death.

Premature Birth:

Preterm babies are susceptible to several health problems, including mental and physical disabilities. Several scientific studies show that nearly 20 percent of all premature births globally are associated with poor indoor air quality, and the figure may go up in years to come if the concentration of harmful pollutants remains unchecked.  


In the last few decades, cases of autism have increased globally. Since the reasons are not observable yet, air pollution might be one of the factors that contribute to the rate of autism in kids.

A Harvard study concluded that women living with the high particulate PM2.5 pollution during their pregnancy were more likely to give birth to a child with autism.

Harmful Impact on the Fetal’s Cardiovascular System

The study, published in the journal Cardiovascular Toxicology, shows that the fetus’ cardiovascular system is more likely to get affected by the harmful pollutants if the mother is exposed to harmful pollutants during their first and third trimester windows.


It is scientifically evidenced that asthmatic symptoms are largely triggered by air pollution. And if unchecked, it may increase the risk of preeclampsia for mother and baby. Experts say that long-term exposure to the high concentration of airborne pollutants may also trigger the risk of developing asthmatic symptoms for newborn babies later.

Settling for OrdinaryAir Purifiers for HomeMay Deteriorate the Condition

While all air purifiers are generally promoted as a safe solution to purify indoor air, the reality is that an inefficient device may not be a perfect solution. To ensure a safe and healthy indoor environment, it is necessary to go after a high-end air purification system that comes loaded with advanced technologies.

PetriMed CA Air Purification System can be a better buy if you want to protect your unborn baby from the harmful impact of air pollution. It stands out as being of the most efficient equipment, having air filtration efficiency of 99.999%, which is above the medical and aviation-grade requirement. The complete air purification system houses a HEPA H14 filter, along with a built-in ionizer, high-quality activated carbon, UVC disinfector, and other technologies.


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