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Ultrafine Particles in Indoor Air: Sources and Solutions

30 Dec 2021

You may have heard of PM2.5 in different science journals or news reports if you live in a metropolis. High concentration of the fine particles in the air can cause critical health problems in case of long-term exposure to the pollutants. But what does PM2.5 mean, and how does it trigger respiratory disease and other health issues? And more importantly, what measures should be taken to mitigate the threats attributed to it?   

What is PM 2.5?

PM stands for particulate matter, which is a combination of solid particles and liquid droplets. It also contains some other particles such as dirt, soot, dust, and smoke. If the fine particles are sized in 2.5 microns or smaller, they are categorized as PM2.5. It is more harmful than the other pollutants as it is small enough to go deep in the lungs and in bloodstream occasionally.

People who are highly allergic to fine particles can develop some respiratory problems if they are breathing in PM 2.5 particles.       

Where Do Fine Particles Come from?

There are basically two types of sources:

·        Primary Source:

The primary PM is generally sourced from man-made and natural events such as power plants, motor vehicles, airplanes, residential wood burning, wild fires, agricultural burning, volcanic outbreaks.

·        Secondary Source:

Secondary fine particles are formed in the atmosphere due to the reaction of gaseous impurities with oxygen. For example, sulphur dioxide released by power plants reacts with oxygen (O2) in the atmosphere. Consequently, it forms sulphuric acid that is one of the most common secondary sources.  

Fine Particles and Human Health

Having exposure to fine particles for a long time can cause so many health problems. They are small enough to enter the thorax area, and can also go deep into the lungs. The health problems caused by either long term or short-term exposure are stated below:   

·        Breathing and cardiac disease, like asthma

·        Lung cancer

·        Throat irritation

·        Low birth rate

·        Fatigue

·        Chest pain or tightness

Who are Susceptible to Health Problems Due to the High Level of PM2.5 in the Air?

Since breathing in fine particles are dangerous to everyone, but it may be more harmful for people who are already ill or vulnerable. People are more likely get affected by the contaminated air are:

·        Older people

·        Babies

·        People with respiratory problems like asthma

·        People with cardiovascular problems 

The symptoms of respiratory problems may go worse if a person has asthma. He or she needs to be more careful when the air quality gets worst due to the level of PM2.5 and other tiny particles.

How to Avert the Risk of PM 2.5

The good news is that we have always some technical solutions to avoid the risk of health problems due to the fine particle pollution. Before we look at the innovative options available to us, let’s start with some common practices we need to do whenever the pollution level is high.

·        Stay indoor and keep all windows closed during the active hours

·        Wear a face mask whenever you go outside

·        Improve your immunity to fight against the harmful air pollution

·        Try to avoid burning candle or incense when the doors and windows are closed

A Complete Air Purification System can be a Game Changer:

Today, the mounting challenge of air pollution is inevitable until you get an advanced air purification system to nullify the effectiveness of harmful pollutants. Instead of investing in an ordinary air purifier for home, trying PetriMed CA Air Purification System can be worth consideration. Developed by River Engineering, a pioneering manufacturing company, it is fitted with high-end filtration technology, along with a built-in UV-C disinfector and ionizer. With a 3-storey mechanism to capture 99.999% of harmful pollutants, it is far better than the ordinary air purifier for home.        


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