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product_prefix/Group_10_yMHFkRY.svg - APS 400 (Air Purification System)

4.75 out of 5 (4) Customer reviews

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M.R.P : ₹75000
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's, all new APS 400 air purification system is fitted with HEPA14 filter with and efficiency of 99.999%, air ionizer and UVC technology. Its 8 stage filtration technology ensures complete removal of pollutants and safest quality of air. The outermost washable nanosilver coated pre filter traps larger pollutants, carbon filters with nanomolecular sieves trap odors and gases, and HEPA 14 traps pollutants up to 0.1 um much efficiently. Ionizer eliminates pollutants by capturing and settling them down while UVC kills residual microbes or oxidizes pollutants. Three on board sensors detects and display air quality metrics in the real time on colored LCD display, which helps to monitor the air quality. In built sensing technology reminds when filters have to be replaced. User friendly different fan speed options provide choices to operate the air purification system according to the pollution level. Its night mode option, with silent mode and blank display mode ensures you sleep without any disturbance and wakeup up refreshing and energetic. Its timer facility provides the user choice to run the air purification system as per their need. It’s high CADR; of 400 m3/hour is sufficient to provide coverage for rooms of size 377 ft2.

Beside this, ’s, APS 400 air purification system comes with one-year onsite warranty and technical services.


  • Washable anti-bacterial pre-filter
  • Carbon deodorizing filter & H-14 HEPA filter to trap particulate matter, organic pollutants, absorb and diminish chemical pollutant and odors.
  • Versatile four fan speed selections for silent (sleep mode) to turbo operations
  • Smart monitoring reminding of filter cleaning and replacement
  • UVC disinfection(optional)
  • 2, 4, 8 hours timer


Filters Washable anti-bacterial pre-filter, Carbon deodorizing filter and H-14 HEPA filter
Control panel Touch keys and LEDs
Air inlet Front, 3 ways (both sides & bottom)
Air outlet Rear top (upward)
Anti-bacterial Yes
Deodoring Yes
Suggested room size 35m2 (377 ft2)
Filter cleaning / replacement warning Yes
Power consumption (Watt) 12-75 W
Fan speed 8 Speed Automatic, 3 Speed manual, Night mode
Noise Level (max in dBA) 57 db
Timer 2, 4, 8 hours auto-off
Net Weight (kg) (approx.) 7.5 KG
Gross Weight (kg) (approx.) 8.5 KG
Dimensions (mm) (approx.) 431W × 226D × 595H
Voltage / Frequency 140 ~ 280V, 50Hz
CADR 380-400m3/h (235 CFM)


Neha Gupta

Quality you can trust .... Must Buy ! Enjoying every breath I am taking!

Aarav Sharma

It's very good product

Nishu Gupta

After using this most powerful air purification system, I can say that it is not comparable to ordinary air purifiers. It took care of indoor air hygiene as well.

Puran Singh

Using this product for the last 2 years, Product is very good. Recommended to use for pure air.

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