Embrace a Holistic Approach to Address Summer Air Quality

Embrace a Holistic Approach to Address Summer Air Quality

27 May 2023

As activities move outdoors for summer, there are several factors the public should protect themselves from, including sunstroke, dehydration, allergies, and insects. One of the most important things to consider, especially is Air Pollution.

While in a country like India – proximity to the beach and mountains as well as the weather – these things may also impact the level of air pollution we get exposed to.

Air Pollution has numerous adverse health effects, including eye irritation, difficulty in breathing, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, oxidative stress and even death. 

“There are two major air pollutants:

• Particulate matter, which are small hazardous particles ranging in size (from PM 2.5 to PM 10) made up of acids, organic and inorganic chemicals, metals and soils or dust particles.

• Ozone, which occurs when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) react when nitrogen oxidizes in the air under sunlight.

The other air pollutant categories are carbon monoxide, lead, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. “There are also hundreds of air toxins made up of different compounds, in very small amounts that do not normally get monitored and regulated.

Of the six criteria pollutants, ground – level ozone pollution is the most likely to affect people in the summer when sunlight is the most intense. Ozone is created from the chemical reaction among sunlight and the pollutants emitted by traffic, and industrial, chemical, and power plants. It is the main ingredient.

What Needs to Be Done:

What people must look out for in the summer, is engaging in strenuous outdoor activities in areas with high air pollutant concentrations either due to local emissions or upwind emissions of pollutions.

Up winds are when pollution is emitted in one area and blown into another area due to wind. Going for a jog in the early afternoon may be the best time to avoid traffic emissions from rush hours.

For people with medical vulnerabilities such as allergies, asthma, pregnancy or for people at an older age, it is important to avoid outdoor activities during high air pollution days or in high pollution areas. It is smart to check the Air Quality Index however there are challenges because there are not neighbourhood – level data.

Those participating in outdoor activities should remember:

• Avoid activity during traffic hours in the morning or late afternoon since emissions are usually higher during those periods.

• Do yard work and other outdoor chores early in the morning or later in the evening, when the sun isn’t as strong and there is less humidity.

• If you can’t avoid working outside during these peak times, do your best not to overdo it.

• “It is not easy to control outdoor air quality, though, one can improve the air quality inside his/her house, office, institution and similar indoor places with the help of an air purification system.”

As we face increasing challenges with rising temperatures and the resulting pollution, having a reliable and efficient air treatment system in homes or in indoor spaces becomes essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

By investing in a high-quality and medical-grade home air purifier, we can significantly reduce our exposure to harmful pollutants such as pollen, dust, pet dander, and even outdoor pollutants that seep into our homes. This is particularly crucial during the summer months when allergens and smog levels tend to spike.

In a world where clean air is becoming increasingly scarce, an air purifier serves as a vital tool for safeguarding our health and well-being. By investing in one, we take an active step towards creating a healthier living environment for ourselves and our loved ones.

It's important not to consider ordinary air purifier if you look forward to adopting holistic approaches to tackle air pollution.

So, this summer, as the temperatures rise and air quality worsens, let us embrace a medical-grade air treatment system like PetriMed CA APS 400 that is engineered to create safe indoor environment amidst the summer air pollution, where we can thrive and truly enjoy the season to its fullest.


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